1 Day Singapore Tour with TravelBuddee (Tour Blog Part 1)

Back in March 2018, we went on a Singapore tour with Janice and her two lovely guests from the US.
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After meeting them at the designated meeting point, we took the public transport and headed over to our first tour stop – The Fullerton Bay Hotel. There, we got our first glimpse of the signature backdrop of Singapore – The Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Fullerton Bay Hotel

Entrance to Fullerton Bay Hotel on a Singapore Tour

Entrance to Fullerton Bay Hotel

Janice guided us through the design of the hotel. The Fullerton Bay Hotel had once functioned as a pier till the 1970s. Afterwards, the pier was refurbished into a hotel while maintaining its original  pier design

Fullerton bay hotel grand chandelier

A grand chandelier located at the entrance of the hotel.

Fullerton bay hotel restaurant pier

Retained’s pier design

We walked out of the hotel, towards the direction which was facing the Singapore River. Janice explained that in the past, red lanterns were placed strategically to ensure that the ships can navigate their way to the pier at night so that ships could navigate their way at night.

Red Lanterns Fullerton bay hotel

Red Lanterns located outside Fullerton Bay Hotel

You can choose to go for a boat ride along Singapore River.

Singapore River Cruise

Board and alight the river cruise along different designated stops.

Merlion Park

Our next stop was the Merlion Park, a 10mins walk from Fullerton Bay Hotel. At the park, you will see the Merlion statue, a mythical creature with a lion’s head and mermaid’s body. Unlike the hotel that we were previously at, the Merlion Park is bustling with tourists activities. Take some fun shots with the Merlion or enjoy the panoramic backdrop of Singapore.

Big Merlion statue in Singapore

Merlion Singapore

Out of the five official Merlion statues in Singapore, two of them can be found at the Merlion Park. If you feel that it is too crowded for your liking, just some steps away, you can see the miniature Merlion. Here, travellers can take a closer look at the features of the Merlion, also the national symbol of Singapore.

small merlion statue at merlion park

Fun size Merlion

The Fullerton Hotel

After some refreshments, we continued with our Singapore tour, right across the road, we headed over to another iconic building of Singapore, the Fullerton Hotel.  

Fullerton hotel singapore

Skyscrapers towering over this historical hotel

It was once used by the British during the World War as a post office, and a headquarter for the Japanese after they took over Singapore. While the district evolves throughout the time, the Fullerton Hotel stays a relic of the past, a representation of the depth of Singapore’s history.

This marks the end of the 1st part of the Singapore tour in the central district. In the 2nd part, we will venture to the other side of Singapore River and check out the place of Sir Stamford Raffles’ landing point, the old supreme court and other historical landmarks.
Central District | Singapore River 

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