13 Ideas for the Perfect Malaysia Weekend Trip

13 Ideas for the Perfect Malaysia Weekend Trip

Long weekends are the perfect time to plan the perfect escape. We have compiled 13 ideas for your next Malaysia Weekend Trip. The list consists of 5 types of Malaysia Weekend Trips – Beach Fun, Relaxing, Food & Culture, Nature and Shopping. You don’t have to worry about running out of places to visit!

(1) Beach Fun Trips


The best kind of weekend getaway is to find a sunny spot and relax by the beach. Tioman Island has got the all rounded deal for family trips – beach fun, hiking, water sports and some relaxation.


A 2hr drive away from the country’s capital, the capital of Pahang state located at the east side of Peninsular Malaysia. It is also a short distance within the beach areas. Having been there before, Kuantan is best described as a slow-paced city. Unlike Kuala Lumpur with all its car jams and congested roads, Kuantan is the opposite. Time feels like it is running at a slower pace here. A city scene with a laidback atmosphere can be felt within Kuantan.

Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque

Along the south china sea, there are different kinds of beaches along.

Pantai Balok- "Black Stone beach"

Pantai Balok- “Black Stone Beach”

Pantai Teluk Cempedak

(2) Relaxing 

Kukup Laut

It is not all rainbows in this fishing village. The moment you get off the car/bus, you will be welcomed by a blast of the smell of Sea. If you are planning to head over to Kukup, you have to know that the water here isn’t as pristine white as those you would find at the northeast part of Malaysia. Due to its mudflat land, the water has a murky colour.

A decade ago, wooden planks were still used for their pavements. It has since been changed to the cemented path that you would find now. Although the main walkways have been changed, many residential houses still use wooden planks within their houses as flooring.

One of the few unchanged wooden walkways

If you are lucky, you may get to catch a glimpse of the few fishing boats that come back with their bounty of fishes, and you may get to buy some to barbecue for your next meal.

The main highlight of Kukup is homestay-resorts. Word of warning, do not expect anything luxurious, Kukup is ultimately still a kampong (village) but there are still tons of things to do in a laidback environment. Singing Karaoke, mahjong, playing cards and having a bbq dinner (depending on the homestay that you stay in). For many, that is the main attraction – Relaxing. Unburdened by the bustling city life, a trip away from the fussing with your family can be a great, enjoyable time that you didn’t know that you needed.

Port Dickson 

A highly suitable place for families to travel. Port Dickson has been revamped in recent years and is seeing an increase in tourists arriving at its beaches. Other family suited activities also include the 3D art gallery, ostrich farm, military museum and its different resorts which offers a variety of water sports.   

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Located further north of Kuantan, Cherating is home to beaches which are along the same coastal stretch as Kuantan, along with the South China Sea. Similar to Sungai Lembing, it is not much of a tourist spot yet. You do not have to worry about getting bombarded by large groups of travellers stopping by the area.

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(3) Food & Culture 


A UNESCO world heritage site, Penang is an all-rounded destination with its street art, historical sites and beach fun. This well-known destination attracts tourist from all around the globe to its town.

The delicious street foods that found in Georgetown is worth the travel up to Penang.
Penang laksa (Left) & Char Kway Teow (Right)

If you have gone to Penang before and would like to try something else, check out a more unique itinerary such as our Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary & Orang Utan Island!


There are different routes to take travelling up to Malacca, driving, taking a bus or go on a cruise ship and sign up for shore excursions. Travellers can get ready to try local delicacies at Jonker Street such as Chicken Rice Ball or Peranakan cuisines and other activities. 

Jonker Street

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(4) Nature 

Sungai Lembing 

Sungai Lembing was once a mining town. Now its tin mines are abandoned and have since been changed into a tourist spot. Travellers arriving can take a train ride into the mines which are currently being conserved as part of Sungai Lembing’s past.

Walk over to the other side of the town by crossing the river using the hanging bridge. Locals use the bridge to cross over to each end of the town. You may often see people crossing on their motorbike as well as bicycles. Our advice is to try to make sure that there aren’t too many people on the bridge before crossing over as the bridge may tend to be quite shaky.

Taman Negara

The oldest rainforest in the world, covering a land size of 4,343 sq km. There are tons of adventurous activities in Taman Negara which will provide with an action-packed weekend. Get to visit the longest canopy walkway in Southeast Asia, trekking through the jungles, a thrilling ride through the water rapids, visit the aborigine village, etc. 

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Gunung Lambak

Take the train up to Kluang and have some local breakfast at Kluang Railway Café. After a light meal, climb the mountain to the peak which can take you 3-4 hours in total.  

Local breakfast (Toast with Kaya and butter with Teh Tarik)

If you are lucky, you may see some local volunteers prepare some lunch at the midpoint of the mountain. The food cooked over burning wood is served to passing hikers who are either climbing the mountain or descending from the peak.

Cameron Highlands

The perfect place to escape the heat in Southeast Asia. Cameron Highlands experiences cool weather year round due to its altitude of 1,471m above sea level.  

Tourists can visit the outdoor waterfalls, butterfly farm & Insectarium, strawberry farm and tea plantations by Boh Tea, the largest black tea manufacturer in Malaysia.   

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(5) Shopping Fun 

Kuala Lumpur (KL)

There is an endless list of shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur for shopaholics to shop over the weekend. 1 Utama, the world’s seventh largest shopping mall has over 700 retail stores. It is undoubtedly one of the best places for shoppers to shop till they drop!

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Johor Bahru

The closest option for many people staying in Singapore. Johor has tons of shopping available. From the upscale shopping at Johor Premium Outlet to shopping at KSL shopping centre to local night markets. 

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