7 Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai

Here are 7 Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai 

Khao Yai is located about 3 hours away from Bangkok. Despite its proximity, Khao Yai is still fairly undiscovered by tourists. The city boasts a variety of nature activities that are well suited for couples and families alike. If you have been to Bangkok countless times and would like to take a breath of fresh air, here are 7 Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai that you have to explore.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai national park is one of the biggest national parks in Thailand, covering an area of 3 different provinces – Saraburi, Prajeenburi and Nakornratchsima province. It was the first national park to be established in Thailand and is easily one of the most popular national parks among locals and tourists alike.

Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai National Park

At the park, you can do some wildlife watching, bird viewing, take a drive through the jungles or enjoy some time at the waterfalls. If you are lucky enough, you may get to see some rare sights of wildlife animals such as the elephants & crocodiles. 

Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai Elephant

For a more adventurous experience, you can opt to stay overnight at the two designated campsites and enjoy nature instead of staying in the nearby resorts. Both campsites provide renting service for tents and other sleeping equipment that campers might need to tide over the night. Basic facilities such as toilets and showers are also available at the camping grounds.

If you are preparing to go Khao Yai National Park, check out our Guide to Khao Yai.

Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai, Khao Yai national park

Bat Cave 

Another one of the sightseeing spots in Khao Yai that you would want to see for yourself would be the Bat Cave. It is a short distance away from Khao Yai’s national park, home to millions of insect-eating bats. In the evening, tourists gather in a specific area and wait for the arrival of the bats. As the sun begins to set, bats can be seen flying out of their caves in swarms out into the darkening sky. It is a majestic sight to behold as millions of them fly out into the dusk to hunt for their food which consists of insects in the surrounding areas.

You may also be able to spot some birds perched on the nearby trees, hoping to catch the bats as prey for the night.

Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai Khao Yai Bat Cave

Underwater Caves

Visit the underwater caves of Pakchong. Many years ago, the cave was once submerged under the ocean, inaccessible to humans. Now that the cave is “open” to the public, travellers are head in to discover what the caves had been hiding.

The underwater caves are also known as magic cave island in English. Within the cave, you will be able to see corals that have been around for more than 20,000 years, a 1,000-year-old hermit’s skeleton, coral fossils and looming natural rock formations.  

 Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai Underwater Cave Khao Yai

Khao Yai Sunflower Fields 

If you are travelling to Khao Yai from November to January, you are in luck! The Sunflower season is in full bloom and depending on the weather, the sunflower blooms may continue till February. You will be able to see fields of sunflowers, some of which may grow as big as a human’s face. Take the chance to take a few picturesque photos while you are there and share it with your friends and families. It is a beautiful sight to see when all the sunflowers are in full bloom.

Photo Credit: Thanate Tan 

My Ozone Khao Yai 

Who hasn’t dreamt of living in a castle when we were still kids, now it is time to live the dream. My Ozone Khao Yai is a resort which provides accommodation in the castle-like buildings. From the outside, its stunning exterior will leave your jaw dropping with awe while the interior is just as stunning.

Resort stayers have access to the pool area where they can lounge on the chairs or go for a swim. Outdoor activities include going for pony rides, visiting the organic farm cultivated by the resort or cycle around the land to explore the various angles to take panoramic shots.

If you want to be pampered for the day, there is a wellness center which provides services to strengthen and rejuvenate our bodies.

Photo Credit: 

Primo Piazza

Visit the Primo Piazza, an unforgettable impression of tranquillity of Italian landscape, where leisure harmonises with nature. Surrounded by valleys, Primo Piazza has a cooler temperature as compared to Bangkok. As the travellers stroll through mini Italy, they can get their daily dose of Insta worthy shots.

Primo Piazza

After exploring the “town centre”, head over to the barn which is home to the Merinos, Alpacas and Donkeys. Inclusive in the entrance fees, travellers can feed and take pictures with the animals.

GranMonte Asoke Valley Winery

The last of our sightseeing spots in Khao Yai is the GranMonte Asoke Valley Winery. The winery had first started their operation back in January 2009. It is located a short distance away from Khao Yai National Park, within Asoke Valley. The winery has the ideal climate for cultivating grapes to make wine. Each year, the winery produces up to 120,000 bottles of their own in-house wine.

Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai GranMonte Asoke Valley

Travellers can feast their eyes on the panoramic view of the grapes spanning throughout the vineyard especially during the harvest season when the grapes are fully grown and plentiful. If the visitors are interested in the behind the scenes of the winery, they can opt for the guided tour. Before leaving, you can try the wines at the Montino Cellar Door and purchase a few bottles to bring home.

Sightseeing Spots in Khao Yai GranMonte Asoke Valley

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