A Brief Guide to Geylang Bazaar 2018 – Tips and recommendations for first timers!

A Brief Guide to Geylang Bazaar 2018

The annual Singapore Geylang Bazaar 2018 is back in full force with Ramadan starting 17 May. We headed down to the Bazaar to get our fill on the festive atmosphere. Here are some details from our trip down:

Geylang Bazaar Road

Date of Visit

16th May 2018, 7 pm


It was raining heavily in the afternoon. The weather was much cooler when we reached in the evening.

How to Get There?

We headed over to Paya Lebar MRT (Exit B). After exiting Exit B, go left and walk down Paya Lebar road. Turn left again at Sims Ave. Continue walking down, and you will see white tents on your right, and that is where the Bazaar is.

Geylang Bazaar Starting Point

Geylang Bazaar Starting Point

Otherwise, just key in the postal code of the starting point into any GPS system and it will guide you from where ever you are in Singapore to the location.

Can we use cash/nets/credit card for payment?

While we were there, we didn’t see any stalls offering nets/credit card payment options. So bring more cash on hand. We did see a few ATMs nearby to withdraw some money.

Geylang Bazaar Word Gangster

What food do they sell?

A whole lot of stuff. Traditional Malay food, Japanese Takoyaki, Turkish Kebab, Insta food craze – everything with rainbow and cheese cheese cheese. A common theme seen throughout the food that we had was the aesthetics. For what? Instagram pictures, of course, the trend of social media #FoodOfTheDay.

Geylang Bazaar Loco LocoGeylang Bazaar sofnade meatballs in a bucketGeylang Bazaar Raclette cheese with rosti and hotdog

Anything else besides food?

Yup, some stalls sell Malay traditional wear, bed sheets, curtains, carpets, light decorations, henna services and many more! If you do not want to buy any products, there are carnival games for some evening fun for everyone!

Geylang Bazaar Carnival

What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine, the bazaar will go on. It may get a bit messy and wet if it rains during your bazaar trip. Although tents cover most of the bazaar areas, there is a fair amount of outdoor space that is not sheltered. The good thing is that there are designated sheltered areas with tables and benches. So you can still try to hide out in the spaces during the rain but it is bound to get crowded since the crowds will be congregated in these areas. So better to go if the weather is rain-free for a more enjoyable time.

Is it clean?

From our short trip there, we didn’t see any litter lying around. There weren’t any thrash bins within the bazaar tents, most of them are placed outside of the bazaar. Additionally, from what we observed, the food stall handlers have good hygiene practices, wearing gloves while handling food.

Expect big crowds?

When we were there, it wasn’t as crowded as expected. It may be due to the afternoon rainstorm, resulting in many cancellations of plans to the bazaar in case the rain continues. But mainly yes, crowds are usually expected in the bazaar since it’s an annual festival with locals and tourist alike attending.

Geylang Bazaar Stalls

Tips when going to Geylang Bazaar!

Go with a big group of friends. The food sold in the bazaar isn’t as cheap as other Pasar Malam. So if you are keen on trying a wide variety of food, sharing with friends allow less spending and more food tasting.

It might get hot inside with the crowd, especially if you were not as lucky as us to have gone after a rainy afternoon. So wear something cooling to the bazaar and maybe bring a small handheld fan to keep you cool.

Based on our experience in the bazaar, we strongly suggest that you do not try to get the first food that you saw because it “looks good” and Insta worthy. Walk around the bazaar and look at your options. Most of the stores have multiple stalls at different locations so you can choose to put it in your KIV (keep-in-view) list while you walk around. While some stalls only have 1 unit in the bazaar, for example, the Loco Loco and Raclette Factory.

Geylang Bazaar Raclette Factory

Leave the area

You can either walk back to the Paya Lebar MRT station along the same way. Or there is bus stop 82029 with bus numbers: 2, 7, 7A, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 51, 67, 76, 154, 155.

We hope that this guide has given you insight on what to prepare for at the bazaar. Don’t miss out the event and head down to Geylang Bazaar 2018 before 14 June.

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