Iconic Landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Iconic Landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City

Eat, Eat & Eat in Ho Chi Minh, but what to do between food breaks? There are tons of iconic landmarks in Ho Chi Minh, each with their history and story regarding their origins. Many of these icons stemmed from figureheads in the past, each with its own culture incorporated into them. So here are 5 iconic landmarks to see in Ho Chi Minh, the largest city in Vietnam:  

Notre Dame Cathedral 

If you see the pictures of this Cathedral, you may mistake it for Notre-Dame de Paris due to its European style architectures. Although it isn’t as grand as the original building in France, it was built by the French when they colonised Vietnam in the past. 

Notre Dame Cathedral Ho Chi Minh

Central Post Office  

A stone’s throw away from Notre Dame Cathedral, travellers can plan both the two stops together in your travel itinerary if you are keen to visit either of it. The Cathedral was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the creator of prominent global landmarks – Eiffel tower & Statue of Liberty. In the central post office, post services are still ongoing. Travellers who visit the building can take a look at the architecture of the building.   

Central Post Office Ho Chi Minh City

Reunification Palace

The symbolic location where North and South Vietnam officially reunited. When Ho Chi Minh was still alive and had just defeated Saigon(renamed as Ho Chi Minh city) to reunify Vietnam. In a chamber located within the palace, power was officially transferred, starting a new era of Vietnam. 

War Remnants Museum 

Just a short distance away from the reunification palace, the war remnants museum was previously known as Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes. Despite its clean modern exterior, haunting records & recounts of the past Vietnamese war lay within its walls. It has over 20,000 exhibits which consist of pictures, artefacts and documents of the past. Visitors who explore the museum will get to see the living conditions of war prisoners, information regarding Agent Orange, past war ammunition and more. 

Travellers who visit the museum will get to take a trip down history lane and learn how the Vietnamese war had impacted the country as a whole. It also serves to remember the heroic individuals who had made sacrifices for Vietnam’s independence. A meaningful place to visit to learn about Vietnam. A war-stricken country, reunited under a single rule and evolved into an open city with millions of tourists pouring into the country annually.  


Shop! Eat! See! There are loads of stuff to see in Vietnam’s largest Chinatown – Cholon. The central market of Cholon- Binh Tay Market has a clock tower looming over the entrance of the market. It has unique Chinese style features as seen from its windows.

Cholon has multiple places of worship for various religions. Some of the must-see pagoda temples include Thien Hau Pagoda for its Mazusim worshippers, Khnanh Van Nam Vien Pagoda being one of the few true Taoist temples in Vietnam and Quan Am Pagoda, etc. 

Thien Hau Pagoda Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

One of the churches in Cholon area, Cha Tam Church, also known as Church of St. Francisco Javier was built in the early 1900s. The church has its European style design as its main building and Chinese elements infused into its overall architecture. This is a must visit place for architecture lovers. The fusion between the east and the west will prove to be a rare sight to be seen for many travellers.  

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