Short Singapore Guide to Bukit Timah Railway Tracks

Since 2011, the train services between Malaysia and Singapore ceased and the Bukit Timah Railway Tracks was abandoned. Although the station was not demolished, certain parts of the train tracks were removed. The iconic steel bridge designed by Singaporean engineers was preserved for visitors to reminisce the history behind the area. Since then, it has been a major attraction for locals to visit and snap some pictures on the tracks.

For tourists, this area may not have been on their visit list as it is located outside of Singapore’s city area. But with the opening of the downtown line, the journey to Bukit Timah Railway Tracks has become more accessible. The downtown line connects Singapore’s city center to residential areas conveniently, with around 20-25 mins of travel time to Bukit Timah Railway Tracks.

Take the MRT to King Albert Station

Take the MRT and alight at King Albert Station (Downtown line – Blue Coloured). Walk towards Exit B and turn right upon exiting the station. Walk straight from there and you should be able to see the bus stop as shown in the picture below.

King Albert MRT station  

Keep going straight until you see Rifle Range road.

At the intersection, you should be able to get a glimpse of the railway tracks.

rifle range road

Turn right into Rifle Range Road and walk straight. Instead of attempting to climb the steep path at the intersection, walk further in. There will be a path with a gentler slope to the tracks.

bukit timah railway  

Is it worth it to visit?

Bukit Timah Railway is easily one of the most instagramable places in Singapore. The area is different from the shots seen at MBS or Sentosa which showcases the bustling modern infrastructure. Bukit Timah gives off the laid back vibe of Singapore. If you have extra time on your hands, do head down to the railway station for a short visit. It is highly recommended to come before noon to avoid the heat since there is no shade from the heat. Otherwise coming in the late afternoon should be perfect as well to take a snap and capture the “golden hour”. Located around the Bukit Timah Railway, there are cafes, coffee shops and a few shopping centres to get your food and escape from the heat.

Although we didn’t manage to visit the former Bukit Timah Railway Station, visitors are encouraged to visit. Parts of the train tracks have since been removed from the parts between the station and steel bridge. By continuing down the path from the bridge, travellers will be able to reach the station.


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Overall, Bukit Timah Railway is a highly recommended site for travellers and locals to make a trip down.

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