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Tour or Free and Easy in Singapore?

After purchasing your air tickets and accommodations, the next concern that comes to mind is usually the planning of itinerary. Tour or Free and Easy in Singapore? That may be the concern of travellers and a wide variety of factors influence that decision. Solo Travel? Family Travel? Couple Travel? Group Travel? Each of these types of travellers makes different choices due to their demographics and group sizes. So what makes people choose Tour or Free and Easy in Singapore? We identify factors which may influence the final decision.

Learn About Singapore’s History

In many of Singapore’s iconic landmark, details of the history are provided onsite. Of course, not all travellers may have an interest in spending an extended amount of time understanding the local history.
Generally, tours include a long list of historical landmarks in the itineraries. Tour guides are also trained to provide a comprehensive rundown of the iconic landmarks which is usually better than reading off the board right? Travelling free & easy would mean that you are on your own with the information and will have to rely on the information board provided. Although that would be a quick way for disinterested travellers to quickly breeze through the exhibits, interested travellers may miss out on certain information.

former supreme court holding cellsExample of an information board in National Gallery Singapore

Learn About Local Culture

What better way to learn about the local culture than through a local? If you would like to understand local culture, having a tour guide is the better way to go. Learning of local culture is something that is hard to achieve through free and easy travel unless travellers are planning to stay for an extended period of time. Singapore which is made up of 4 core ethnic groups with different ethnic quarters.

Thian Hock Keng Chinatown Red Lanterns

Hassle-Free Vacation

Travelling to many of us is an escape from the hectic work life and precious quality time to wind. Choosing between tour or free and easy here is choosing between convenience and personal preference. Doing your own planning can be very time consuming and stressful but you get to plan places that you KNOW you will be interested in. Tours, on the other hand, takes the issue off your hands the moment you click on the sign-up button. Although tours do have a fixed itinerary there is an option of going on a private tour which we will weigh the pros and cons of group or private tour.

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Making The Photographs Count

Sometimes wanting the perfect group shot maybe rather inconvenient as you would have to ask passersby for help and the pictures taken are usually a hit or a miss. Tour guides are there to help take the picture that you want to upload on your social media to share your travels. Seasoned guides take the best pictures and know their way to the best instagrammable spots.

grand chandelier

Take a group shot under the Chandelier  – Read More

Tours – Group or Private

Convenience – the word that is associated with going on tours. No planning is required on the traveller’s side, only to reach the pre-determined starting point on time and they are good to go. But there is the option of joining a group or private tour. Which is better than the other? We summarised the differences between the two.

Group Tours
+ Prices are cheaper for groups with lesser number of travellers
+ Going on a group tour with strangers and take the chance to meet like-minded travellers
– Going on a group tour with strangers and if the group is big, the traveller’s experience may be hindered
– Places to visit a usually fixed with little flexibility

Private Tours
+ Prices are generally cheaper but for groups with more travellers, it may be more worth it to go on a private tour instead.
+ Tours can be customised upon request
– The major con for private tours is the price tag which may be pricier especially for travellers in small groups

Tour or Free and Easy in Singapore
Run through with our guests before commencement of the tour

Make Your Short Trip Feel Long

If it is your first time to Singapore, try out a tour and familiarise yourself with the local settings with the help of local guides. Travellers who visit Singapore will usually only stay for 2-4 days to explore the sunny island and move on to other neighbouring countries. Although Singapore is a little red dot on the world map, there are plenty of things to see and being able to cover most of the attractions is quite a feat. That is where your local guide comes in and play an important role – bring you around to different places within the limited time that you have to explore.

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