Travel Guide: 3 Days, Penang – Day 1 – Eat, Eat, Eat

3 Days, Penang – Day 1: Eat, Eat, Eat

Sharing the experience I took on a trip with my family, spending 3 days, Penang. Visit to look for Penang tour guide to complete your Penang Experience!

After checking into our cosy hotel, we managed to drag our lazy bones and visited the famous Joo Hooi Kopitiam. Located along Penang Rd, this Kopitiam(coffee shop) houses Penang’s finest delicacies, namely Char Kway Tiao, Chendol, Penang Laksa and Oyster Omelette.

famous Joo Hooi Kopitiam

Although it is a Wednesday, the queue at Joo Hooi was daunting. There was a perpetual and constant stream of people lining for their favourite dishes at the stalls in this Kopitiam. Even finding a table was a difficult task! Many had to succumb to eat while standing at the roadside. Fortunately, as there are 3 of us, we got a table after some waiting. Subsequently, we queue for Chendol and Char Kway Tiao. The tempting array of the Char Kway Tiao together with duck egg was evident as many were waiting patiently under the hot sun for our food. We had icy chendol melting in our mouths while waiting for almost 45 minutes. The flavourful broth of Penang Laksa and sumptuous Oyster Omelette did not disappoint.

Coffee Tree Store – Roasted Charcoal & White Coffee

Having fulfilled our empty stomachs, we made our way to the biggest Coffee Tree store in Penang. It is located near Gurney area and is the only place where you can get the premium sachets of Coffee Tree coffee. Next, enthusiastic staffs were eager to serve you samples of their aromatic coffee while introducing their wide variety of coffee. Our favourites are the Roasted Charcoal and White Coffee. According to the staff, the premium coffee selection can only be found in this store in the whole of Malaysia.

Gurney Drive, Penang

Penang Laksa

Following that, for dinner, we visited the legendary Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. This iconic and busy eating place serves mostly barbequed food, with the barbequed fish and squid worthy of mention. It only opens in the evening, and again we had to work hard to find a table to dig in. The price of most dishes are less than RM10, and as always, food in Penang will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Lastly, on the way back to our hotel, we chanced upon a late night food garden. Red Garden is named as such from the place where it is housed – under a red roof. This place provides a nice ambience with live music and a wide selection of food stalls. We had “lor bak” for supper, which is a choice of fried pork rolls in different flavours. As for Asians we could not do without chilli. Hence we choose a few spicy and seafood rolls. The flavourful sauce which we dipped the rolls in completes the amazing taste and we chomped away heartily. We concluded the first day of our 3 days in Penang with food in our tummy and feeling highly satisfied!

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Featured Photo Credits: Awesome Penang