Travel Guide: 3 Days, Penang – Day 3 – Museums & Shopping, Penang

3 Days, Penang – Day 3: Museums & Shopping, Penang 


Interesting Museums of Penang

Upside down museum PenangIn our Day 2 post, our private tour guide from, Max, told us that, coming to Penang would not be complete without visiting museums and shopping. We began the day at Penang’s most popular attraction, the Upside Down Museum. In here, everything is topsy-turvy. However, the well-organised staff at every exhibit ensured that we posed correctly and they took professional photos and videos for us. It was a memorable visit as we laughed at every photo that we took.

Ghost Museum, Penang

Within walking distance is the Ghost Museum. This attraction showcases the myths of all kinds of supernatural beings. From the Pontianak in Asia to Draculas in Western countries, every turn of the corner at the Ghost Museum promises to be a heart-stopping moment. We were assured that the exhibits are all artificial and there are no scaring by the staffs. The artefacts were scary enough, though.

We were attracted to the Glass Museum because of the chance of making a glass souvenir ourselves. The friendly staff showed us the process of making glass and guided us in making a small glass souvenir. It was an excellent family bonding moment, and we made something for our home. The glass museum also showcases several beautiful glass exhibits that we would not have a chance to savour in our daily lives.

Shopping Penang

Murals, PenangWe also explored the streets of Penang, where you can many murals as well as preserved shophouses that tell a story. Some of the shophouses offer interesting souvenirs to bring home

To complete our tour, we visited the stretch of retail malls along the KomTar Tower. First, we headed to Prangin Mall, where one could get bargains of electronic accessories and local products. Beside it is First Avenue Mall, which entails mid range brands like H&M and Cotton On. This seven storey mall is a shoppers’ heaven, where you can find almost anything you need to fill the wardrobe.

Not satisfied with our shopping spree, we took a cab to Gurney Plaza. This premier shopping mall is touted to be the only mall in Northern Peninsula Malaysia. It houses international brands such as Armani Exchange and Fossil. There are abundant restaurants and cafes for shoppers to choose from. After coming out of the mall with full of shopping bags, we noticed a newly opened mall beside the Gurney Plaza. The Gurney Paragon is a state of the art bayfront plaza carrying luxury brands. Despite our calves crying out to us, we had to check out the deluxe emporium before ending the day with a movie at the IMAX theatre at the Gurney Paragon.

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