Activities in Ha Long Bay 

Activities in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is one of the most exquisite destinations in South East Asia and has been hailed & admired by many for its stunning beauty. Here are some activities in Ha Long Bay that you can and should go for. So read up and know what to expect for your trip to Ha Long Bay!

Cruising in Ha Long Bay

First and foremost, travellers have to decide on the duration of cruising in Ha Long Bay. The bay spans across an area of 1,553km square with over 3000 islets. To navigate through the site would require more than just walking.

The preferred way of experiencing this UNESCO site is by cruising around the Ha Long Bay. The most popular option for the majority is the 2 Day 1 Night cruise. A 3 Day 2 Night itinerary will bring you to further islands with more time to spend onboard the ship, enjoying the breathtaking sceneries. One day tour options are also available for travellers who don’t wish to spend the night onboard the cruise.

Ha Long Bay Cruise


In 2016, the Wanderlust magazine named Ha Long Bay as one of the top 10 kayaking destinations in the world. While being surrounded by majestic limestone islands, kayaking through the waters will prove to be one of the most memorable sights for many travellers.

Kayaking also explores the different parts of the bay which is inaccessible via the cruise ship. Travellers get to paddle through the waters underneath the limestone islands and get a close-up view of the natural erosion that has resulted in the many beautiful structures.

Other places to discover include lagoons surrounded by towering limestone islands and undisturbed beaches.

Cave Visiting

Another featured activity in Ha Long Bay will be to explore the different nature-made caves. Each cave has millions of its own uniquely shaped stalactites. Most of the caves’ natural structure has been left alone for travellers to marvel over the majestic appearances. Among the many caves in Ha Long Bay, some of the more notable ones are Hang Sung Sot, Dong Thien Cung & Hang Dau Go.

Ha long bay caves

Traditional Fishing Villages

Awarded the World Monuments Watch in 2012, the fishing village of Ha Long Bay is another spot which travellers can visit.  

As part of their livelihood, the villages raise fishes in nets which would either serve as food for the family or income after selling it. Boats are the usual way of commuting for the 400 households living in the three traditional fishing villages in Ha Long Bay. Don’t miss the chance to witness the daily life of these villagers who make their homes on the ocean.

Cooking Class

If you are a lover of Vietnamese cuisines, get ready your pen and paper, cooking classes are available onboard most of the Ha Long Bay cruises. Take this time to not only learn a few traditional dishes but also understand the Vietnamese food culture from the chefs.

Vietnamese cuisine

Squid Fishing

Squid fishing is usually done onboard the cruise in the late evening. Cruisers will get to try their hand at catching fresh squids from the emerald water of Ha Long Bay. The availability of the activity depends on the cruising weather.

Capture the moment

Ha Long Bay was listed as a World Heritage Site back in 1994. Multiple movies were shot in Ha Long Bay due to its stunning landscape. Some examples of the films over the years:

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Endless streams of visitors had soon followed after Ha Long Bay gained its international recognition. With high visitor arrivals, conservation for the site is starting to fall behind. No one can predict how long the landscape will be able to maintain its pristine condition. So take a few more photographs of Ha Long Bay to remember the site for its ethereal beauty.

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