Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Malacca – Journey Down the Persian Gulf

The Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Malacca (51 Lorong Hang Jebat 75200, Melaka, Malaysia) is located on the North of the Malacca River, a five-minute walk from Jonker Street. It is an eight-minute walk from the A’ Famosa Fortress UNESCO site which is to the South of the Malacca River. The museum is believed to be built on the original site where Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho set up his depot and warehouse complex 600 years ago. The museum tells the travel stories of Admiral Cheng Ho and his fleet of more than two hundred ships from China as well as the significance of Malacca as a trading outpost between China and other western parts of Asia. Admiral Cheng Ho and his fleet played a significant and important role in the history of Chinese maritime explorations and establishing overseas trades down the Persian Gulf.

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Malacca

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Malacca

The museum is divided into multiple galleries across three floors. There is a giant replica of the ship that Admiral Cheng Ho used to travel as well as an original, well-weathered granite well that was used by him at its exact location in the museum. The second gallery displays exhibits, artefacts and writings of what happen during the Ming Dynasty in China. The next exhibit showcases life in Malacca at the time where Admiral Cheng Ho came as well as how he introduce various Chinese technology and skills to the local community. Gallery four is the most interesting gallery, where you can see what was on board his fleet. The exhibits include vases, pottery and antiques. It is believed that he was presented giraffes from Africa, and they sailed back to China with him on his fleet. Other galleries show his navigation charts and his plans and communication with other fleets.

Cheng Ho's Fleet

Cheng Ho’s Fleet

Opening Hours of the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Malacca

Guided tour is also available for a more detailed and informative guide to the museum. The museum is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. entrance tickets cost RM 20 for an adult and RM 10 for children. There is also times where you get to catch a local puppet show in the museum.

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Photo credits: go Melaka