My Entrepreneurial Journey,

My entrepreneurial journey, – long story short. If you are keen on details, click the links for more!

My Entrepreneurial Journey: 2014 August

Being inspired by two photos and having worked for seven years in the oil and gas industry, I finally waved the white flag of being an employee after seven years.


Throughout the seven years, I have changed four companies and worked in different fields including contracts, cargo operations, blender, bunker operations, bunker trader and ex-wharf trader. I even started my own backpacker’s hostel when I was working.

Various contributing factors led to the job change. However, all factors resulted in the same outcome. I cannot hold a job working for a company. Therefore one year four months ago, I decided it was time to do my own business full time. came about a discussion with a friend; I have always toyed with the idea of taking the tour guide course. I told my friend who was venturing out into his own business about it, and he said, why not do a tour guide listing portal or something which can help travellers plan their trip.

After doing two months of research about competitors and coming up with the original design, it is finally time for me to venture on my own.

 2014 November – 2015 January

I started a company, camp kaki, which lease out camping tent and equipment users. I used the chance to make a functional, informative website using Serif, software for web design.

2015 February – April

I used the software to come up with the design of the site for as well as the landing site.

2015 May

I decided to hire an Indian vendor to develop the site for me. My thinking naïve, I had the perfect scenario in my head. I will hire him, he code and deliver the portal while I continue with the marketing of the site and I will continue to pay him maintenance fees upon completion of the website.

2015 June – 2015 Decemberlogo final 300x300

Six months have passed by; I have also achieved a couple of things. These include coming up with the company name, decided a logo, finalised the landing page, together with an animation video, some infographics about the website, the terms and conditions, privacy policy as well as FAQ, used Google Adwords and Analytics to monitor my landing site progress as well as gained some traction. I was involved in a tuition centre business that my boyfriend started with his partner.

However, I have also come to realise that my original perfect scenario is not heading anywhere. I have reviewed the website, tested the features multiple times. With each round of testing, my morale sunk lower and lower.

I have come to realised that hiring a vendor is not the solution to my problem. I was just ranting to a friend about how tough it is without someone to bounce off ideas with and he introduced me to potential co-founder 1.

2016 January

Co-founder 1 didn’t work out. From here on out, I am seriously toying with the idea of getting a cofounder despite my experiences with co-founders. Hopefully, this round will be more meaningful and fruitful than my past experiences. I used various channels to assist me in the process and this resulted in potential co-founders 2, 3 and 4.

More updates will be coming soon! Keeping fingers crossed and hopes high!

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