Navigating through Singapore 

For tourists coming into to Singapore and are doing some research before stepping into the little red dot. We are going to share with you some helpful tips for using the local transport systems. Here is what you need to know about navigating through Singapore.

Transportation Cards

Like many other countries, pre-paid transportation cards called EZLink cards are used to pay for public transport. You can get it straight from the Changi Airport MRT station or at TransitLink ticket offices located island wide. After getting your EZLink card, you can top-up at any MRT station by using the ticketing machines.

Another option is to purchase the standard ticket which allows you one-time travel to a specific station. Travellers can buy standard tickets at the ticketing machine. For every other subsequent trip, travellers will have to pay for the trip at the ticketing machine. However, the downside of getting standard ticket is the higher travel fares as compared to Ezlink Cards. But if you do not intend to use the public transport often or are staying in Singapore for only a day or two, then the standard ticket will be ideal for you.

If you are intending to travel to many places using the public transport over a span of 3 days or less, you may want to consider the Singapore Tourist Pass.

MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) 

MRT in Singapore is well connected island-wide, stations are strategically located to reach major attractions in the central district. Usually, peak hour in Singapore is before 9 am as students, and office workers head to work and school respectively and between 6 – 7.30pm when the office workers knock off from work. The MRTs will be significantly more crowded with increased train frequencies.

A general rule that commuters have to abide by is no eating and drink within the MRT stations to ensure that cleanliness is maintained at all times.

If you are having trouble finding the direction of the train refer to the information board at the end of the escalators on the train platform. The board shows the upcoming stations and travel time needed to reach each of them.


While the MRT stations are located conveniently in the central districts, some tourist attractions would require you to take buses. Taking buses in Singapore is straightforward with information provided at each bus stops. Here are some tips for gathering information needed at bus stops.

This is a typical bus stop stand found in Singapore. “80091” is the number of the bus stop, while the name of this stop is shown beneath it. The various sets of numbers which are shown are the buses that stop at the bus stops. For additional information, the different coloured boxes indicate the bus company that runs that particular bus number.

Within the bus stop, there are also other boards which present information about which stops the buses are heading to as well as the distance and prices for the ride.


An easier but more expensive way of travelling in Singapore is to hail a cab which will not be an issue as there are tons of taxis available especially in the central area of Singapore.


Many places within Singapore is within walking distance, especially the attractions in central Singapore. As a joke, we say that we can take bus 11 to a specific place. 11 refers to our feet which we can use to travel between places for free!

LTA has uploaded a walking map to show the walking time between certain MRT stations. Tourists can choose to take the MRT or go for a short stroll if the stations are within walking distance.

Image Credit: LTA 

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Travel Companion / TravelBuddee 

Lastly, if you want to enjoy Singapore without the pain of going through the navigation by yourselves, you can choose to explore Singapore with a local travel companion who is well versed in the way of navigating through Singapore.

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Our buddees will bring you around to different places so all you have to do is to enjoy the trip. You can request for places which you would like to go and let us arrange the route for you or you can leave it to us to bring you to the best places in Singapore!

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