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In this article, we will look at how to sell tour guide services online through There are various ways to you can use on the website. We will discuss specifically on updating tour guide (Buddee) profile.

Sell Tour Guide Services Online

Your buddee profile and description is the most important page to promote yourself as a tour guide (Buddee). It is the most important tool to sell tour guide services online. We offer some steps and ideas to come up with a good Buddee profile and description about yourself below.

Updating Tour Guide (Buddee Profile)

Sell tour guide services online

Sell tour guide services online

Start with a paragraph about your history 
Start by giving members a good impression of you. You can write about your past and background (regarding tour guide), what you have studied, what inspired you to be a guide and your journey till today. This paragraph serves to inform members about
your history regarding your guiding competence.

Next, write about your personal interest
You can write about what do you do with your free time and daily life, like your hobbies and interests. Describe how they mould your character and values. This paragraph gives members a peek into your personality, knowing what kind of person they are engaging.

Follow with the country you are guiding in
Describe your country with passion and enthusiasm! As a guide, you represent your country in interpreting history and culture, citizen’s way of life and thinking. Include interesting facts or different practices about your country that nobody knows. This paragraph empowers members with knowledge of your country.

Finish with the travel services that you can offer
Think of the unique selling points of your tours as well as highlights and main attractions that you will include. Describe any additional services you offer. This paragraph showcases your speciality tours and services.

buddee profile page

buddee profile page

Take a look at an example of Tour Guide (Buddee Profile) we have done up!

Always write with a purpose when you sell tour guide services online through TravelBuddee. Use this as a chance to engage the members and market yourself, your country and your services. The profile page should serve as a tool to distinct yourself from other Buddees. Charm your prospective customers with how you can make their tour a memorable one!

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