Travel According to Your Chinese Zodiac in the Year of the Fire Monkey 2016


chinese-new-year-648472_640It is the time of the year when we consult Feng Shui masters to take a peek into the coming year and enhance our luck. Expedia has consulted Feng Shui master Goh and put together the ideal Asia travel destinations in the year of the Fire Monkey 2016. Travel according to your Chinese Zodiac below!

seoul-insadongRAT: SEOUL

Rats are collectors among the zodiac animals and will be attracted to Insa-dong shopping street for its galleries, tea houses, and traditional souvenirs. If you do fancy some history and culture, visiting the DMZ will satisfy a rat’s curiosity to the world.

TIP: Rats should say yes to business travel  as it will open up opportunities for career progression in 2016.

hk - lantau


Visit the serene and peaceful isles of Cheung Chau Island and New Lantau Island as they are compatible for oxen’s amicable and tranquil nature.

TIP: Oxen should set aside time to travel as a couple to keep their relationship and love strong.

turkey-blue mosque


Tigers are ambitious and love unique destinations that they can boast about and share with their friends and families. Istanbul’s UNESCO sites including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Souks Bazaar is the perfect trip for the Tiger!

TIP: Tigers should travel extensively and try to fit in business trips to improve career prospects.
india-tajmahalRABBIT: INDIA

Rabbits love to learn and understand different cultures and the mystical India suits the bill perfectly. The Taj Mahal is one of the new  seven wonders of the world brings opportunities to learn and understand India’s culture for the Rabbit.

Tip: To enhance your luck, rabbits should make it a point to travel at least once this year.

beijing-forbidden city


The Adventourous Dragon should visit China’s capital Beijing. The majestic Forbidden City and the awe-inspring Great Wall will melt the Dragon’s tough appearance.

Tip: Improve Dargon’s creativity by travelling, but do not engage in risky activities in 2016.



Snakes love luxury travelling. Macau’s extravagent casinos and the lavish hotels are ideal for Snakes in Asia.

Tip: To improve career progression, Snakes should expand their networking skills by travelling.

malaysia - kl


Horses do not have to gallop too far this year and Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur entertaining night life and delicious local street food goes well with the lively and tireless Horse.

Tip: Oppurtunites to purchase property overseas, but be careful of fine prints!
moscow- saint-basils-cathedral (2)


Moscor, a destination filled with elegant artistry is great for Goats, who favours the finer things in life. Admire the grandeur of St Basil’s Cathedral or explore the monuments, the Red Square and the Kremlin from the communist era.

Tip: Goats should travel for romance, but be wary of health condiitons at the same time.

vietnam halong-bay


Monkeys should swing up North to Vientam to explore the hidden beauty of Hanoi and Halong Bay before heading South to Ho Chi Minh to explore the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels.

Tip: Monkeys should travel regularly to relax and unwind. Avoid extreme sports.

thailand -bangkok


Roosters should fly to the Land of Smiles and enjoy the pristine white beaches, the bold streets of Bangkok lined up with shops and yummy street food.

Tip: Travel is a must to move up career ladder  for the Rooster.



Dogs should travel to Nepal, the land of the Himalayas, Mount Everest and Sherpas to find some much-needed tranquility. Dogs love being part of a pack, so it is better to travel with friends and family.

Tip: Take time off to travel and to avoid burnout.

japan -sashimi


The food loving pig should make their way to Land of the Rising Sun which is home to a wealth of culinary glee. with the freshest seafood, salvory yakitori and okonomiyaki.

Tip: Those born in the year of the Pig should travel to meet new people in 2016.

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